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Windows xp partition drive copy

Windows XP can support FAT16, FAT32, NTFS which can be backed up with MiniTool Drive Copy. It can ensure data safety and completion when backup.

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In order to let you know more about the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, we give an introduction to them.

FAT16: Dos and windows95 we used is FAT16. Its capacity is 2GB. Each partition with 65525 clusters at most (Cluster is the smallest unit of disk space).With hard disk or partition capacity increasing, each cluster take more space leading to disk space waste.

FAT32: As the hard disk enlarge, FAT32 is upgrade to FAT16. FAT can support partition whose capacity is more than 2TB. Meanwhile, FAT32 cluster is smaller than FAT16, saving much space.

NTFS: As Windows 2000/xp with NT as the core widespread, many individual users use NTFS which stores data by cluster unit, but the cluster of NTFS does not rely on the disk or partition size. The smaller cluster can prevent disk space waste and help the disk fragment reduce. At the same time, NTFS with encrypted function can provide users with higher guarantees.

FAT32 with three good points:
1. FAT32 can support 2TB disk, not support partition no larger than 512MB.
2. Because of using smaller cluster, FAT32 can keep information more efficiently.
3. FAT32 can reposition root and use FAT backup copy. And the boot record of FAT32 is included in the key data structure, down the possibility of computer system crash.

NTFS with four good points:
1. inform of error file system.
2. fasted speed of reading files.
3. self-repair function.
4. Ensure the data safe in case of power off.

From above, you can know the advantage of NTFS for which most users use NTFS partition format.

These features bring much trouble to backup NTFS, but don't worry, MiniTool Drive Copy can solve these problems.

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