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Clone a hard drive

As known to all, data losses often happen in the process of computer use. For example, accidental operations, virus infection, malicious invasion or even a light strike is likely to cause multitudinous data losses in computer. Therefore, in order to protect data from being lost, computer users have taken many measures, and one of the most commonly used methods is to clone a hard drive. Although the way to clone a hard drive is used frequently by Windows XP users, users of Windows 7 seldom use it. Why? Doesn't data loss happen in Windows 7 since Windows 7 is so powerful? No. The reason why Windows 7 users seldom clone a hard drive to protect data is not that data loss never happens in Windows 7 operating system, but the problem of system compatibility. As a result of lack of hard drive clone software compatible with Windows 7 operating system, cloning a hard drive in Windows 7 can only be realized through Copy-Paste operation; but this operation is complicated and greatly risky, so few users clone a hard drive under Windows 7. However, failing cloning hard drive, users are worried about data loss. This situation has lasted for a very long time and makes all windows 7 users crave hard drive clone software supporting Windows 7. Now, the wish has come true finally with the release of the free hard drive copy software – MiniTool Drive Copy, which is released by the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd..

MiniTool Drive Copy
Speaking of the free drive copy software MiniTool Drive Copy, maybe many users are not familiar. But as to the software MiniTool Partition Wizard, users knowing about partition magic are not unfamiliar with it. The free hard drive copy software is developed on the basis of "Copy" function of MiniTool Partition Wizard, perfectly helping Windows 7 users clone a hard drive quickly and conveniently. Then, we will demonstrate how to use the free hard drive clone software, having all users get more intuitive understanding.

Clone a hard drive with MiniTool Drive Copy
To clone a hard drive with MiniTool Drive Copy, we should firstly visit the official website to download and install the free hard drive copy software to the computer. Then launch it and we'll see the following interface.

This is the main interface. Click the function module "Disk to Disk" to copy a hard drive and the next operation interface will be shown.

In this interface, all disks in the computer are displayed. Select the original disk that will be copied and click "Next>" button to go on.

In this interface, select a target disk to store the disk clone and click "Next>".

In this interface, we should select hard drive copy modes.
"Fit partitions to entire disk": resize partitions of the original disk according to proportion and then copy them to the target disk.
"Copy partitions without resize": copy the entire original disk to the target disk.
"Copy partition with minimum size", shrinking the partitions of the original disk to the minimum and then copy them to the target disk.

Here, we'll select "Copy partition without resize" and click "Next>". Then finish cloning a hard drive according to software prompts.

Seeing the above operation demonstration, users may find how convenient it is to clone a hard disk with MiniTool Drive Copy. If you also want to copy a hard drive quickly and conveniently, just download this free hard drive copy software.

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